Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Yeah, My Blog...

Hi Everyone,
Yeah, so it's been more than a month. I am not sure I even technically still have a blog if it hasn't been updated in a month. Are blogs like plants without water? Do they die without words? I knew this would happen. I started this whole blog to relay cancer news and updates. Without any new news or up to date dates, I am not quite sure what this Ramblin Road is all about. One thing I do know is that I like having a record of those few months. And sometimes, when I can't find anything else to do at night (and should be cleaning the kitchen or finishing the three novels I have started) and Greg has monopolized the TV with boxing or tennis or politics, I reread my old posts and I hate to admit it, because it's sick, but I miss it. I miss the simplicity of life when it was about survival (mine) and thrival (my child's--and I know thrival is not a word, but for the flow of this post let's just go with it, okay?). I miss all my friends visiting. I miss my family visiting. Everything was in focus back then. Isn't that weird? I was going through all that pain and suffering and fear, yet I was focused and I felt strong. At my weakest, I felt the most powerful. And now, here I am all healed up, faint scars on my breast and a weird short hair cut the only reminders and I feel frightened every day. Life is so weird.
Anyway, not sure anyone even checks this abandoned URL anymore, but if you should so happen to wonder what's going on lately, I'll tell you...

Today Greg and I took Sadie, who learns something new every day and is like a little sponge, to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to see the Warhol Exhibit and a bunch of other random art (Isn't it? Art? So fascinatingly random).

Anyway, Golden Gate Park is so beautiful and we felt lucky to live near such an amazing city. I feel lucky to have such a funny daughter. She's starting to look more like me (well, at least her hair does), but she has her dad's sense of humor.

Sadie was pretty good throughout the whole day--but was most happy when we let her out of the stroller and our arms to crawl about.

I did get a few stares and it sure was funny to watch her cruise down the hall next to an oil painting from the 16th century, and it probably wasn't the most hygienic decision, but Greg and I are learning to pick our battles (and I always have wet wipes with me).

She's like a little wind up toy. You set her down and off she goes.

Seriously, no matter how hard the surface. I worry about her little knees!

I don't even know if anyone is still out there reading, but if I don't post for another month know that it isn't because I didn't totally enjoy this whole blogging experience, I just don't know yet what I want this blog to be.
I want to thank everyone who did read and commented with advice and encouragement and kinds words. My whole breast cancer experience sometimes feels like a dream. And, because of so many amazing friends and family and my husband and Sadie, it actually really was like a dream and not the nightmare it so easily could have been.