Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Update

Looks like I am a once a month blogger.
Here's the deal: I don't have much to say. Sometimes I forgot I even had cancer.
I mean really, if it wasn't for the fact I can forgo a bra with out anyone knowing (though out of habit, I rarely do), you would never know I had cancer. And that in itself isn't really a sign of having cancer anyway--I could have elected to have bags of silicone inserted under my pectorale muscles--many women do! Anyway, it's not that I would want to have a permanently visible scar, but still, such a strange thing to go through without anything to show for it.

My hair has totally grown in. Not quite sure what to do with it. Not ready to decide and so I haven't been to the hair salon once since it started to grow in. I am just letting it do its thing. It has good days and bad days.
Most mornings, I look a little like Bob Dylan...

But then, if I wash it, it curls up and I look like Kenny Powers from that awesome hilarious show on HBO, East Bound and Down.

So you know, either way I can't win.

Sadie has the same problem, but on her it's not really a problem. It's actually pretty darn cute.
Here she is with the just woken up style:

And here she is with a garden of curls on top of her head.

Oh you must see a little closer? Ok.

So far I have resisted toying with it too much. I have bad memories of sitting on my grandmother's lap, restless and fidgety, as she twirled every curl on my head with her fingers until I had Shirley Temple head. In fact, as I recall growing up, my whole family being a bunch of women, we were pretty obsessed with hair.I remember just alway talking about each other's hair. Not really interested in carrying that tradition forward...but, then again, maybe I have no choice. Here's Nina showing Amara how to touch Sadie's gently, or suave as we like to say (something Hannah started and we have adopted)....

I love the look on Amara's face. Like she is visiting a petting zoo and Sadie is a farm animal.

Sadie and I have had the same hair style since she was born. Actually, in the beginning, she had more than me...

But then I caught up...

We both started to curl up at the same time. See that little kewpie doll wisp?

And finally, a full head of hair....

By Easter it was a full head of curls...

And by memorial day (yesterday), she had the halo in the sun going while being held by neighbor Linda.....

..and me, well I had the full Bob Dylan, been cooking all day for a BBQ, hadn't showered or even looked in the mirror look going, so there is no way I am going to post my latest do. And anyway, if you hadn't noticed, two things are going on here. One, this blog is clearly not about me anymore...and two, for someone who doesn't want to give her daughter a complex about her hair, having just spent an entire blog talking about is not really taking the road in the right direction.
Oh well.